Fungi Transforms Ants into Zombies

In Brazilian rain forest, there is a type of fungi called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. The special thing about this fungi is that it parasitic. Ants that come into contact with the fungus spores become infected, and within a week they begin behaving like zombies and leave the nest. The fungus species can infect an ant, take over its brain, and then kill the insect once it moves to a location ideal for the fungi to grow and spread their spores. The discovery was only on ants. What about other insects? Mammals? Human beings? Sounds scary though!

Pale looking ant

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. Image credit: PLoS ONE 6(3): e17024. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0017024

Credits to: National Geographic and Physorg

Giant Chimp in Congo

The gigantic-sized of the chimpanzee, discovered in the deep in the Congolose jungle. They are called “BILI”. According to the local people, the species is bigger, stronger, and fiercer than the normal chimpanzee.  Why? This type of gigantic-sized chimpanzee catch fish, kill lions, and even howl at the moon. WOW! That is scary. Some people believe that BILI is a hybrid of gorilla and chimpanzee.

Bili caught by local people

Gigantic-sized chimpanzee

 Compare with these chimpanzees!

Smaller and tamer

Closer to human

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New Cat Species

The first encountered with this new species of cat was in 2006. The cat is called clouded leopard or “Sunda”. It was found in BORNEO. Just look at the difference between Sunda and normal leopard. It is very distinct and shocking. I myself became shocked and amazed by the skin. It is so attracting and rare. WOW!


 It is different isn’t it? Well, compare with these leopards. The black one is obviously different in terms of its colour. But, Sunda is even more different. WOW!

African Leopard

Black Leopard

Northern Chinese Leopard

Persian Leopard

Snow Leopard

Credits to:CS Monitor

2011 Latest Cars

Crazy about cars?? Luxury, shines, style, what more??? This will make you even crazier. I bring you the latest cars of 2011.













 But sorry, i do not have the price list or available paints. I just want to share the luxurious car you can have in 2011.

Credits to: Latest Auto Reviews

NASA Encounters with UFO

Space shuttle or UFO is a true legend told by generations. It has been a hot topic whenever unexplained thingy flies in the skies. Not bird, not aeroplane, but just unexplained object. Shaped in triangle and flew up and down in the space, this video will show the latest evidence of unexplained flying object (UFO). This video was filmed by NASA Discovery STS-133. Just watch the video and you will be surprised!

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Taliban jailbreak

More than 480 inmates in Kandahar prison in Afghanistan has escaped. A motorcycle has been used as a nuke to be blown to make a tunnel for them to escape. The plan must be a very good one, i guess. One question here, how was that possible if the prison is fully secured with guards and military forces. Sounds impossible right? Could it be the justice system? Or perhaps there is “someone” inside the prison which we used to watch in films?

The tunnel

Credits to: Seattle Times

Nails to crucify Jesus has been found?

A new documentary by journalist Simcha Jacobovici, “The Nails of the Cross,” claims to have found the actual nails used to pin the hands of Jesus to the cross. I have recently discovered this new knowledge. Could they be the nails to crucify Jesus over 2000 years ago? Sounds scary though.

Nails cross Jesus

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