The oldest Christian books found in cave in Jordan

This ancient collection of 70 tiny books, their lead pages bound with wire, could unlock some of the secrets of the earliest days of Christianity. The books were discovered five years ago in a cave in a remote part of Jordan to which Christian refugees are known to have fled after the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD. Important documents from the same period have previously been found there. Could this discovery change our view of Biblical history?

The spot where the artifacts were discovered

Hidden meaning: Scrolls, tablets and other artifacts, including an incense bowl, were also found at the same site as the tablets.

The artifact (metal book)

Credits to:Dailymail

My Book Cover

Boy from District of Black and White

This is my book cover for the assignment. I hardly found any free softwares for the assignment. I only use Microsoft Powerpoint to design the book cover project. Well, it was fun and needed lots of patience. Luckily it was ready and hopefully my lecturer will give good marks for my book cover project.

The theme is “Black and White” because it is related to the title of the story. The summary was created by myself. Maybe someday I get the chance to write this story. If it is not a novel, then it would be a short story. 🙂