Animals – The Smartest and The Dumbest

Animals can be very gentle and also very dangerous to human kind. Somehow, we often neglected the fact that they have brains. Their intelligence may caught certain people only and often we will say all animals are dumb because of their odd behaviors. Now, we have the opportunity to get to know which animal is the smartest and also the dumbest one.

The Smartest

1. Crow

Can invent tools

In experiments, the clever birds were observed using twigs and wires to snatch food from hard-to-reach places.

2. Octopus

Builder and cheeky thief

Using rocks to build homes in crevices along the ocean floor. The eight-legged eggheads also have a reputation for mischief, as one researcher learned when he captured one on video sneaking out in the middle of the night to feast on nearby fish, then returning to its tank as if nothing had ever happened.

3. Chimpanzee

Invent tools and transfer learned behaviors to others

“Washoe” surprised many scientists when she began to acquire sign language. Before her death , it is believed that she learned to use about 250 signs. “Kanzi” is another ape that has shown a prodigious knack for gab. The 27-year-old bonobo picked up language as an infant by watching scientists attempt unsuccessfully to teach his mother to communicate through keyboard symbols. Kanzi used the keyboard to ask researchers for matches and marshmallows. With the items in hand, he prepared a campfire and toasted the marshmallows on a stick.

4. African Gray Parrot

Ability to recognize and communicate the various qualities of an object

The prodigal parrot could name more than 50 objects and draw upon 150 words. Alex showcased his talents on TV programs such as Scientific American Frontiers, where he was presented with a piece of cloth and asked to describe what material it was made from. “Wool,” he would emphatically answer, after feeling the fabric with his beak.

5. Border Collie

Possessed a vocabulary of more than 200 words

To prove his uncanny ability, Rico underwent tests in which he was asked to retrieve toys by name. Not only did he get it right 37 out of 40 times, he also recalled the name of objects four weeks later. Investigators also found that Rico could pick up new words fairly quickly.

The Dumbest

It’s hard to determine how dumb an animal is, because animals may show their intelligence in ways that we don’t recognize. Yet, we can still recognize their ability to do something useful. But to make something dumb, we have no right to judge them. It could be useful to them (animal) but looks odd in our eyes.

But if the size of an animal’s brain in relation to the size of its body is any sign of intelligence, then the stupidest animal that ever lived was probably the dinosaur called stegosaurus. This huge reptile weighed some 13,000 pounds, yet had a brain that weighed only about 21/2 ounces!

A sperm whale 50 feet long would have a brain weighing about 20 pounds, while an adult elephant’s brain weighs about 10 pounds. A gorilla’s brain weighs about 20 ounces, and an adult person’s brain usually weighs around 3 pounds.

Your brain probably weighs more than 15 times as much as the brain of the huge stegosaurus.

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