A good or a bad teacher?

Teacher is seen as a very good example. Indeed, they deserve to be a role model. This is the nature of a teacher, especially, when he teaches in primary and secondary school. Students tend to imitate and do what the teacher does. This is what I have encountered during my old school days. Somehow, when I reflected back these memories, now I realize that some teachers were good and some teacher were bad. Why do I say this?

First, I learn many things during my studies when I was in IPG KBL and UKM (current). Well, in the first place, I have the chance to learn the proper way to educate students and how to treat students as they are. Some teachers during my school days, a lot of them was just teaching. More often, they were using chalk and talk until sometimes I lost my interest in learning the subjects. I still remember one teacher who taught me “Sejarah”. Every time she went in my class and taught the subject, I hold up a book on the table and my head was behind the book. I WAS SLEEPING throughout her class! To me, she failed to attract students’ interest. Moreover, I did not like that subject. Luckily, I scored a decent result during my SPM. That is a credit to myself for trying my best. Well, is this a good or bad teacher?

Second, I always like to compare this teacher to that teacher. In fact, we always do that. Here, my point is that this particular teacher (or educator, or lecturer) was always not a good teacher to me. Like I said earlier, a teacher should be a role model for her students. However, this particular teacher loves to interfere her students when they were explaining things in front of the class. Well, if she really wants to say something, why don’t she present or explain herself? Somehow, she wants those students to talk in front but she was talking at the back. Really, I don’t like type of teacher. Is she a bad or a good teacher?

As opposed to this teacher, this teacher is currently teaching me now. He is like father-figure. He is a real joker in the classroom. Whatever he was saying, every single word is remembered. To me, I like to be like him. However, he never loses his main purpose, which is teaching and educating us. Jokes, laughter, punishment, utterances, and personality are the things the students need. But everything is just nice and still, students loves him. This type of teacher is the BEST!

I am not being a stereotyped to these teachers. These are just the examples from what I experienced in my life from students to teacher-to-be. I am not a teacher, yet. I hope people will not misjudge these people if any of you may know or recognize these figures. This is just a matter of sharing experience. 🙂