‘Black Widow’ Sentenced to Death

A ‘black widow’ has been sentenced to jail in Japan. Literally, the ‘black widow’ means the species of a spider which will eat her mating partner. In Japan, this woman has killed her 3 partners.

Kanae Kijima, 37, was sentenced to death by the judge who had found out that the death of these three men were because of intentional acts. She murdered the the three men, aged 41, 53 and 80, whom she met through Internet dating sites.

She did many things to them including poisoning them with carbon monoxide from burning charcoal briquettes after giving them sleeping tablets. Saitama district court heard how she had wanted to stop them from demanding back money she had taken from them over the course of brief relationships.

The 'Black Widow'

The 'Black Widow'

Credits to: dailychilli.com