I Feel Like…

I feel like I was okay!

But as I move forward,

I realized that I am still five steps behind,

Where should I go?

God knows better that I do.


I feel like I was dead!

But my blood still pumping,

I realized that I am still alive,

What should I do?

No one can help this feeling.


I feel like I was done!

But I still can breathe,

What other people breathe,

Would this be called crazy?

I realized this is the journey to make me a human.


I feel like I was failed!

But I scored every time I play,

Even though my forms were worst than the other,

Why should God keep hiding his task?

I realized that maybe I should do something in my life.


(Galvin Entalai)

Facebook – Everybody Wants “Dislike”

Crazy to DISLIKE?

The emergence of Facebook, created by Mark Zuckerberg has been an extraordinary impact to the internet uses. Without Facebook, I believe we will still using the lame social networking accounts. There’s no need for me to mention them. I guess that everyone knows them.

However, few weeks ago I encountered a quite busy activity in Facebook which people are wanting to have Facebook “DISLIKE” button instead of putting “LIKE” button only. I used to click “SPAM” to these invitations and messages. Then, I made some research and found out that there’s some people are looking for the same thing and I found one article on that. Here’s the extract:

Over 3 million people have “Liked” the “Dislike Button” Facebook page, you can show your support for the new feature by liking this page, also you can read what people have to say on the matter in the page’s discussions section.


Therefore, “DISLIKE” button could be a new alternative to make Facebook be more enjoyable and amusing. Of course, we will not like everything posted in the Facebook. Sometimes and most of the times, we either ignore or manually typing “DISLIKE” or “NOT AGREE” to show our opinion. What do you say?

Credits to: Blog.Rounds, Joerenken, Product Reviews