Surviving in Critical Moments

Survival in critical moments could result in frustration, famine, and even DEATH! There are so many critical moments such as SHIPWRECK, TRAP IN FIRE, LOST IN JUNGLE, and whatever situation that needs you to survive and fight for your life. You need some tips? I will give you some tips on several situations. But bear in mind that these are just suggestions. It is dependent on you. Well, this is just a matter of sharing information.



Surviving at sea is a grueling challenge, one that grows more demanding and draining by the day. So whatever you can do to reduce your risks and hold on to your strength, be passion, and don’t panic could make a huge difference in determining whether or not you ever see land again. If you are lucky enough, find a RAFT or any FLOATING MATERIALS such as woods, buoys, or life jackets. That is why LIFE JACKET is a very important object if you travel on water. The key to survive is to save your ENERGY, avoid DEHYDRATION, and avoid SUN. Limit yourself to consume sea water because this will make you dehydrated. Well, not much you can do. If possible, send a SIGNAL so that other people know that you are ALIVE!


House in Fire

Little fire can be your friend, but big fire could be your worst enemy. So, first of all, don’t PANIC and don’t WASTE TIME. There is no time for you shouting and seeking for help. It is dependent on you. SMOKE is hazardous for your health. So, CRAWL LOW in smoke so that you will limit yourself from exhaling smoke. If possible, find a CLOTHE and make it WET to cover your body. If you have no option, let it be. Quickly, find a SAFE exit. Bear in mind that fire burns faster than you thought.


Lost in Jungle

Hiking and jungle trip is an exciting activity. But make sure that you walk in GROUP. If you lost in the jungle, here’s some tips. The most fear thing in the jungle is FIERCE ANIMALS such as tigers, leopards, and other carnivorous animals. Little INSECTS also can be worst such as mosquitoes and bacteria. But you have plenty of FOOD and WATER sources surrounding. You just have to be CAREFUL which to choose. The only thing you need is to make FIRE so that people will notice the SMOKE as well as to keep animals in distance. Shouting is a possible signal too. But if you are able to walk, just walk DOWNSTREAM and you might find people, boats, or even huts.

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