Weird Pets

Pets are just cute and lovely. But these people are looking for opposite taste in choosing their pets. Weird though! Well, here I present to you the pets:


Might not be the weirdest pet of all time, but in western countries, raising cock as pet is quite rare.

Alligator or crocodile

This is weird! A child befriends with an alligator or crocodile (correct me if I am wrong). WOW! What a dangerous animal on earth?!


One of poisonous creature on earth. Well, maybe the poisonous sting has been removed. But, quite rare to me.


Quite rare though! Not many people can raise a chimp. Salute to this woman.

Bob the horny dog

Horny indeed. He would bang or at least tried just about any four legged animal that came his way. Dogs, sheeps, cat?!! You got to be kidding me!!


This is not a zoo nor safari! This is their home. A giraffe is their pet. WOW!

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