Gay Spa Raided

I read the report this morning and I felt it is very much taking my attention. I always hears about “ILLEGAL SPA RAIDED” because of the illegality as well as the illegal masseurs (usually foreign immigrants). However, this one is DIFFERENT.

A MYSTERY spa in Section 17 in Petaling Jaya has been offering sex to gay men, Sinar Harian reported. Residents’ suspicions were raised after they saw men from various age groups paying regular visits to the premises over the past three months.

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Behind the facade of facial treatments and massage services, the spa offered a variety of “packages” performed by foreign, young and good-looking “lady boys” in their 20s.

The services were offered in seven small rooms on the first floor of the shoplot.

Clients looking for a happy ending had to book a massage first, and later choose from a range of packages costing from RM170 to RM295, depending on the type of services sought.

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Hairstyle 2011

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