I Feel Like…

I feel like I was okay!

But as I move forward,

I realized that I am still five steps behind,

Where should I go?

God knows better that I do.


I feel like I was dead!

But my blood still pumping,

I realized that I am still alive,

What should I do?

No one can help this feeling.


I feel like I was done!

But I still can breathe,

What other people breathe,

Would this be called crazy?

I realized this is the journey to make me a human.


I feel like I was failed!

But I scored every time I play,

Even though my forms were worst than the other,

Why should God keep hiding his task?

I realized that maybe I should do something in my life.


(Galvin Entalai)

The Way I Am (Unpublished)

The Way I Am

How I wish to bend time to my own clock

reset the things I hath done

forget the past and make my future block

and the rest will shall remain a fun.

How I wish the world could see the good side inside of me, and

not see the bad part of an innocent life

how I wish the broken pieces of life shall remain

a solid, sweet nature, and alive.

The way I am.

Because the current life now I hath

is like a dream in my midnight sleep

but the greatest of all I hate

is to forget what I peep.

Galvin Entalai