How to Celebrate Birthday without Spending Much Money

Happy Birthday

Birthday party is indeed being celebrated once a year for every person, except for those who was born on 29th February. How they celebrate their birthday? I wonder how. Well, back to business, celebrating birthday without much money is considered as quite unlucky. But, you are lucky enough if your friends still remember your birthday and spend time together with them. At least, there is someone who cares about you. Here’s the ideas on how to celebrate birthday without money:



 Eggs are very important. Throw at the birthday boy/girl so that he/she will have to shower. Good idea, huh?


 The colour of flour makes it a perfect combination of eggs. Throw after eggs, please. You will see the result.


 This is better. Not enough with the colour? PELAKA serves you with different selection of colours. It is not hazardous and can easily be cleaned. Do not worry!


 If you do not have anymore ideas, toothpaste could be a useful tool as well. Just splat on his/her head to make toothpaste a ‘new shampoo’.



 The most secured place is toilet where you can easily clean them up. Well, just ‘partying’ with those eggs, flours, and etc. and have a blast in the toilet! I am sure he/she would not dare to run out from the toilet.


 Field is a suggestion where you do not have to clean them up. Throw whatever you want to throw, as long as it is safe. Plus, you can run wherever you wish to.

Parking lot

A sudden attack is a good way to prank people. After the birthday boy/girl get out from vehicle, throw at him/her. Of course, not in the car okay.


This is the only way to celebrate birthday without spending much money. You can afford to buy eggs and flour. You can try this prank to your friend. Well, it may sounds crap but it is a good social prank to your friend.