5 Things A Teacher Should Not Do

Students are very intelligent, regardless of their forms and ages. They tend to do many things to test you as a teacher. This is what students like to do especially if you are new in the school. There are 5 things you should know and not do in the school and the classrooms:

1. BE FRANK. Student will ask you several questions. This sounds very common but BEWARE, they have hidden agenda. They want to test you whether you are capable teacher or not. If you do not know how to answer, BE FRANK with them and tell them that you will find the answer and tell them soon.


2. DO NOT COMPARE STUDENTS. This is what a teacher always do. Students do not like to be compared to other students. Same goes to every people. A student might LOSE INTEREST in you and your learning if you like to compare them.


3. DO NOT MAKE NAMES TO THE STUDENTS. Indeed, students like to make names to the teacher especially the one they hates the most. Discipline teacher usually have ‘names’. However, you as teacher, do not call them with a new name (ANIMAL, SCUMBAGS, etc.). This will make your students hating you FOR LIFE!


4. DO NOT LOSE YOUR GROUND. A teacher is easily lose his/her ground especially if the students tend to be liking the teacher. There must always be a HIDDEN AGENDA from the students. They want to get attention so that you know them better. Try to be fair and treat them equally. Try not to have ‘PET’ among your students. Others might not like it.


5. DO NOT USE ‘TEACHER’ POWER. Usually, the teacher will scold students if they found students smoking or riding bikes without helmets. But, teacher always do that. It is ironic when the teacher is smoking and riding bikes without helmet. Here, never tell the students that ‘WE ARE TEACHERS, YOU ARE STUDENTS’. It is ironic. The rules applied within school’s compound. Everyone must obey the rules.