Zombie vs Vampire vs Werewolf

We often heard about zombie, vampire, and werewolf since our childhood. We watched them on television, movies, games and etc. Some people truly believe in all these creatures. Somehow, we would believe it unless there is a true story behind it. Believe me, I almost wanted to stay away from these craps but I found some evidence of these creatures. I present you:

1. Zombie

Zombies originally hail from Haiti. Voodoo sorcerers (or bokors) from the Caribbean are believed to be able to revive the dead with magic potions, powders and incantations. Another popular way to zombify a human is to introduce a powerful psychoactive drug into the bloodstream of the living. In both cases, the Zombie in question becomes an obedient slave to the spellcaster.

Zombies are the undead that are animated, sometimes using voodoo. They eat brains and some times flesh. Zombies are slow, the fastest one can speed-stumble but uncoordinated. They can use basic tools, like rocks or knives, sometimes guns. Zombies are commonly found in groups and hate being on fire. Being bitten from a zombie can cause eventual death and turn you into a zombie. Anyone who dies in an area near zombies will turn into one. Cremating the recently dead will stop them from rising again, so burn those zombies.

Real Zombie

Clairvius Narcisse

Clairvius Narcisse was a Haitian man who was declared dead on May 2, 1962. His two sisters, Marie Claire and Angelina, buried him in a small cemetery near his hometown. 18 years pass and his family has carried on with their lives. Angelina is in the marketplace of her village when her deceased brother approaches her and introduces himself.

2. Vampire

Vampire is a reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people, usually causing their death. The Vampyreverse overlaps our own universe, and an understanding of vampire pathology, psychology and history is a first step to winning a war that has lasted for centuries. Until very recently, the vampyr has sought to survive and thrive with the knowledge that all our understanding was based on myth, legend, and old wives tales in equal measure. Now, we have science. We can confirm the myths, expose the legends, and have the decency to thank the old wives, who were usually right.

Real Vampire

Female vampire with a brick forced into her jaw

In 2006, archaeologists in Italy had a unique vampire sighting of their own; they discovered the very real remains of a female vampire with a brick forced into her jaw. Italian forensic archaeologist Matteo Borrini reported the find to National Geographic and other news outlets when the discovery took place. Researchers were investigating a 1576 mass grave of medieval plague victims of the Venetian plague at the time of the discovery.

3. Werewolf

Werewolves are called Lycans – Lycanthropes. A person can become a werewolf by being born a werewolf, bitten by a werewolf, cursed by someone you have wronged in some way, and being given the power threw sorcery. The curse can never be broken, no matter what some people or beliefs may state. Silver will not kill a werewolf, although it will cause pain and discomfort. All werewolves can communicate threw a form of telepathy which enables them to hunt and perform more efficiently.

Werewolves are virtually immortal because of the constant regeneration of their physical tissue, making their true age somewhat difficult to determine. If you are bitten and you kill the werewolf you WILL NOT be free from the curse, the curse is like a virus or rabies, if you get bitten by an animal that has rabies you get rabies, and if you kill the animal that gave you rabies you will not be cured. You still have the virus. A werewolf can be killed by any wound that completely destroys the heart or the brain, but decapitation is the most effective way. A werewolf can change his form and shape shift at will whenever he wants to, at day or night. Although newly turned werewolves are sometimes forced to change by certain aspects of the lunar cycles or certain sounds such as the howling of another werewolf.

Real Werewolf

Based on true story

The most famous U.S. case of multiple sightings was in Wisconsin, in a case that has become known as “The Bray Road Beast”. In Southeastern Wisconsin on October 31, 1999, Doristine Gipson struck something as she was traveling along Bray Road one night near the town of Delavan. While searching for the animal she believed she had struck, she spotted a large hairy beast racing toward her. She jumped in the car and barely escaped.

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