Rice Wine

Rice wine or 'tuak' in Iban language


Alcohol is created through fermentation process of grains, fruits, or vegetables. Meanwhile, fermentation is a process of using yeast or bacteria to change the sugars in the food into alcohol.


For example, rice wine is an example of alcoholic drink. The process of making rice wine starts with a plain water and then mixed with sugar. Then, cooked glutinous rice soaks in the water in a sealed bin. Here comes the secret recipe, the yeast is a specially made then put into the water. The yeast is in a dried cake form. The more you put, the stronger your wine will result.


This would answer the period of time when the rice wine can be consumed. It does not matter whether it is one month, one year, or even one week. As long as all the processes are done, you can drink it straightaway. But the ‘kick’ is not that good. So, the minimum time for the best quality rice wine will take a month and on. The longer the better, instead.

No water supply!

Every drop is precious!

This is a very disgusting thing to experience when we should have a proper water supply to the college! I do not want to name the college but for those who may know me will know where my college is. It has been 4 weeks since I entered the new semester in my university. However, we still do not have the answer why the water supply is inconsistent.

We can accept it if the college administers have some notices about it. By right, we should have been told about this before the water supply is shut. Okay, 4 weeks ago, the water supply is good and we have no comments on that. But since 14 January 2010, the water supply is like being CUT! We have to go to another college which was very embarrassing. The view is like we march to the beach or some kind of theme park when we walk to another college just to take bath or “other businesses”. Can you imagine that people bring their towel on their shoulder, a bag full of clothes and toiletries, walking down the hill? What if we have an emergency case like “the business”?

Perhaps, this college should be more sympathetic towards us and show some concern by sending us water tanker or perhaps the “bomba”. I used to see this situation on the news. We need water! We need to take bath!

Show your concern!