Rice Wine

Rice wine or 'tuak' in Iban language


Alcohol is created through fermentation process of grains, fruits, or vegetables. Meanwhile, fermentation is a process of using yeast or bacteria to change the sugars in the food into alcohol.


For example, rice wine is an example of alcoholic drink. The process of making rice wine starts with a plain water and then mixed with sugar. Then, cooked glutinous rice soaks in the water in a sealed bin. Here comes the secret recipe, the yeast is a specially made then put into the water. The yeast is in a dried cake form. The more you put, the stronger your wine will result.


This would answer the period of time when the rice wine can be consumed. It does not matter whether it is one month, one year, or even one week. As long as all the processes are done, you can drink it straightaway. But the ‘kick’ is not that good. So, the minimum time for the best quality rice wine will take a month and on. The longer the better, instead.

Iban Tribal Tattoo

Iban is one of many ethnics in Sarawak, Borneo Island. There is one famous thing about Iban which is the tribal tattoo. The favourite one is the ‘BUNGAI TERUNG’ which some people translated it as ‘BORNEO ROSE’ which i cannot figure it out yet.

The meaning of ‘bungai terung’ is life cycle as the tattoo is circle in shape. Few decades ago, Iban tribes used to be headhunters and this is called ‘ngayau’. Therefore, the ‘bungai terung’ tattooed to those who will go hunting (mainly men and warriors). It is believe that the tattoo have a spirit that will guard them. Here are the few samples of the ‘bungai terung’ and other Iban tribal tattoos.

Iban population in Sarawak

The 'bungai terung'

Assorted samples of 'bungai terung'

Iban man with 'bungai terung'

Iban warrior with 'bungai terung'

So, if you are interested in Iban tattoo, do not afraid. Nowadays, there is no more beliefs about the spirit and the tattoo. More commonly, it is used as a symbol of manly and fashion. And to be more specific, Iban are no longer headhunters. They are same with other human beings.

Credits to: Rosetta Pang Lossia and Boy Tattoo